I Quit…

August 6, 2010 by

Yeah…. I did quit! Just wanted to let ya guys know… Thanks to tailsfox, sophia, cookieboy, CHILLI, Pary Panguin, Cdstar, Valon, Kickflip, Minibuddy, Lardbeak, and monchocho for making my fun time even better 🙂 I love you all and wont forget ya… This is my last post. I think… And if your name is not up there… its cause i fogot your name XD

Your friend,



New Mission 11 sneak peek!

April 27, 2010 by

Earth Day Party Guide

April 24, 2010 by

Hello! Earth Day party is out :-)! I have some give aways… There are two pins! Sweet Huh? Well here’s the guide…

The Leaf Pin:

Located at the Ski Hill.

Now there is a new way to get to the mine! Instead of using the map, you can go to the forest! Mr.green

YAY! I hope it stays there forever…

Here is a helpful guide to the “Trash Hunt”

There is a FREE yes FREE item for both members and non-members at the mine! And a secret room for those of you who collected all the “trash” lol.

If you did not notice the “Trash Collector Guide” Is above.

Thank you! I guess thats it! Check back next week for the latest updates!



April 17, 2010 by

Hello! Sorry I have been really rushed around this past week… So I will post the updates MAYBEY tomorow… And I drew a picture its over this post… PLEASE DON”T COPY OR YOUR SITE WILL BE SHUT DOWN!!!



April Fools Party Updates

April 3, 2010 by

Hey Guys! Sorry, My post Is late… Well… I have done my header! And I have the Updates! Shhhhh! I have a comic too! XD.

Here, The Pin.

There is a new catalog!

The Red Viking helmet:

Tea Cup Closest To The Girl. Pg 5

Green Face Paint:

Pink Dance Square ( Dance Floor )Pg 6

Cocoa Bunny Ears:

On the “G” In PenGuins at work.Pg 7

Cocoa Bunny Costume:

On the trees where the “Green Construction Helmet” Guy is. Pg 8

April FoOl’S Party!

Yup, What we all want XD. GET ON WITh IT ART! Errrr…..wtv

Ok, So the first free item is the red propeller hat…. You need to paint the Treasure Chest Picture to get it. it will fling out of it. Onto a stand where you can eat….errrr I mean get it…. Non-Members can get this too!


The item is!!! A weird hat with errrr…. Supposevly A KINGS HAT! XD trash…

Now where done with that… The voting results.

Number one had 1.

Number two had 1.

And the winner…  number three had 3.

Thanks for voting for those who did! 🙂

Ok, I made a comic too!

Here it is, but wait. I made it april fools(y) so… yeah…  (CLICK TO ENLARGE)



P.S. Have a great time at the april fools party! It’s my favourite!

Penguin Play Awards, and more…

March 20, 2010 by

Hey Guys! Im so exited that Penguin Play Awards is here!

Here are the free items in Backstage:

There also Is a free item at the dock!(Members, Non-Members)

There is the new game Puffle Rescue out!

And also the caves are open! Lets go check out the puffle catalog items!

Orange Puffle accessories:

Puffle groomer chair!

New postcards! And a funny mess up lol…

Ok heres the first page…

And look… the same card is on the second  page!

LOL. Also I wonder Wich one I should keep as my mascot? PLEASE COMMENT!

#1,#2, or #3…


And I made a comic!

And yes… in the background I made it black.

Sorry about the blur… lol click it to enlarge.


1,500 Hits party review

March 7, 2010 by

Hey Guys! My party was fun! Though it was small…

Here is a picture:

Thanks to all of you that came!


1,500 Hits party!

March 6, 2010 by

Hey Guys! Its not much but i got 1,500 hits! So I am throwing a party heres the information needed:

Please come!


New Updates, and news…

March 6, 2010 by

Hey guys! There is a new series! I got the Star Shirt and the Black Sneakers!

Sorry, I only have a few pictures… I was nervous then.

Rockhopper is here!

Go check out his ship!


And the new cataalog is here! The cheats will not be in a picture but here they are:

1. On the first page click on one of the cups for the top hat

2.On the first page click on one of the water bottles for the dazzling blue top hat

3. on the third page click on the camera in the background for the dazzling blue tux


There is a sneak peek for the Penguin play awards!

Heres this weeks new news!


And sadly… The red hoodie is not out im afraid


Exclusive Sneak peek of Series 7!

February 27, 2010 by

Hey Guys! I managed to get a picture of the “Exclusive Red Hoodie” in series 7!